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Welcome to the Tidewater Virginia Historical Society

Preserving and promoting the heritage of Tidewater Virginia by serving as an advocate for history, archaeology, preservation, and culture.

Events & Programs

March 17

Dr. Lynn Price Robbins

Join us as we welcome Dr. Lynn Price Robbins to TVHS and explore the world of Martha Washington and the women in George Washington's life. 

April 14

Archeology at Colonial Williamsburg 

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Director of Archeology, Jack Gary, will update us on the progress of some of CW's most exciting projects.


April 25

Custis Square Tour

If you loved the April 14th program with Jack Gary’s update on the happenings at Colonial Williamsburg, don’t miss out on a very special follow-up tour of Custis Square.

History is alive in Tidewater Virginia.

TVHS believes in supporting and emphasizing educational interpretation of historic sites and the unique contributions of the Tidewater area of Virginia to American history. We actively seek to partner with historians, archaeologists, educators, and other non-profits with synergistic interests to provide special lectures, guided tours, educational programs, and periodic social events.



We provide educational opportunities for our members through special programs, lectures, bus tours, and exposure to a variety of historic places in the Tidewater Virginia region.

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We support the preservation of Tidewater Virginia's rich history through giving financial contributions and raising awareness of historic sites and museums.

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We work to build relationships with historic properties and organizations in our community, bringing together people of all ages who share a love of history and want to learn more about Tidewater Virginia.

Image by Jalen Hueser

We love our members. 

You can become a member of TVHS today! Learn more about membership cost and and benefits by clicking below.

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